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Submitted on
May 17, 2009
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                                                  Warrior cat chat (room)

The_Best_Type_OF_Fire has entered the chatroom
I_HEART_COOKIES has entered the chatroom
Fire’s_Gurl has entered the chatroom
Best_Med._Cat_Eva’! Has entered the chatroom
I_get_all_the_gurls_ has entered the chatroom
Happy&Blue has entered the chatroom
Im_a_hunky_muffin has entered the chatroom
MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat has entered
The chat room
NOT_A_CHIPMUNK_ has entered the chatroom
The_Quiet_one has entered the chatroom
Evil_N_Proud has entered the chatroom

Im_a_hunky_muffin: Ew! Why am I a poopy color???????

MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat: Haha! Its cause u don’t eat Meow meow mix! Meow meow mix makes u cool!!

NOT_A_CHIPMUNK_: its ok, Bramble, honey. I still love you!

I_HEART_COOKIES: I thought u loved Ashfur. I heard you were getting cozy with him at the last Gathering! Anyaways, I love cookies! They r sooooooo easy to commit to!

Im_a_hunky_muffin: What!? Squirrley, is this true?

NOT_A_CHIPMUNK_: Of course not! Who do u believe, me, Ur MATE, or that traitor?

MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat: Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow

Best_Med._Cat_Eva’!: OMG! Like totally shut it, k?

I_HEART_COOKIES: Ur angry, u should hav a cookie! (Hands Best_Med._Cat_Eva! a plate of cookies)

Best_Med._Cat_Eva’!: * picks up a cookie *

I_HEART_COOKIES: NO!!! That’s Joe! U can’t eat him!

Best_Med._Cat_Eva’!: ooooook. * puts down Joe and picks up another cookie *


Best_Med._Cat_Eva’!: * puts down Jake and passes the plate back to I_HEART_COOKIES * Here! Take It!

Happy&Blue: This is fun!

Evil_N_Proud: very!

I_get_all_the_gurls_: hey Leafy, wanna go grab some fresh-kill?

The_Quiet_one: Sure!

The_Quiet_one has left the chatroom

I_get_all_the_gurls_ has left the chat room

MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat: Meow Meow Meow Meow

The_Best_Type_OF_Fire: Meow Meow Meow Meow

MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat: Meow

The_Best_Type_OF_Fire: Meow

MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat: Meow

The_Best_Type_OF_Fire: Meow

MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat: Meow

The_Best_Type_OF_Fire: Meow

MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat: Meow

The_Best_Type_OF_Fire: Meow


Best_Med._Cat_Eva’! Has left the chat room

Fire’s_Gurl: Uh-oh. Guys I heard spottedleaf is reaaaaaally good at getting revenge

Evil_N_Proud: and she seemed pretty mad at you guys, Fire & Gray

Happy&Blue: U should hav seen wat she did to Clawface 4 killing her! Haha he looked soooo funny!

The_Best_Type_OF_Fire: uhhhhhhhh I gotta go

The_Best_Type_OF_Fire has left the chatroom

MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat: Uhhhhhhhh, me 2. Remember; buy Meow meow mix 2day!

MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat has left the chatroom

Fire’s_Gurl: should we warn Tigerstar?

Happy&Blue: No way! I hope she gets him back!

Evil_N_Proud: But he’s my dad!

Fire’s_Gurl: welllllll I should probably go find Fire & Gray

Fire’s_Gurl has left the chatroom

NOT_A_CHIPMUNK_: I’m sorry if I hurt u bramble, honey. I was just lonely… w/o u there

Im_a_hunky_muffin: But u were at a Gathering!!!!!!!!!!

Happy&Blue: OMG! Wat is this? A soap opera? I’m gonna go find spottedleaf to help her plot revenge against Tigerstar!

Happy&Blue has left the chatroom

Evil_N_Proud: Ya Id better get Tigerstar back to the Dark Forest so u guys can hav ur little moment. Come on, dad.

I_HEART_COOKIES: I’m coming!

I_HEART_COOKIES has left the chatroom

Evil_N_Proud has left the chatroom

Im_a_hunky_muffin: I will forgive u on 1 condition; u tell Ashfur he is a old fart and even a kittypet wouldn’t want to be his mate!

NOT_A_CHIPMUNK_: Ok! Let’s go!

NOT_A_CHIPMUNK_ has left the chatroom

Im_a_hunky_muffin has left the chatroom

EDIT: The opening line is "why am I a poopy color?" The reason for that is because when it was on word, it was in color. Yep.

My first upload! I made this a while ago and, as of now, the sixth one is in the making. This one is the worst. They all end up in the chatroom at the same time because I was making up the names then...
The Cats:
The_Best_Type_OF_Fire = Firestar
Fire’s_Gurl = Sandstorm
Best_Med._Cat_Eva’! = Spottedleaf
I_get_all_the_gurls_ = Crowfeather
Happy&Blue = Bluestar
Im_a_hunky_muffin = Brambleclaw
MEOWMEOWMIX_Spokes_cat = Graystripe
NOT_A_CHIPMUNK_ = Squirrelflight
The_Quiet_one = Leafpool
Evil_N_Proud = Hawkfrost
Moon_Kitteh = Moonfeather (OC)
I_like_meh_soda_diet_like_tigey_does = Onestar
Breez-e_Boy = Breezepelt
Color*Med*Kitty*Storm = Colorstorm (OC)
Spots_O’_Gray = Ashfur
Fluffy_~_leaf_~_of_~_AWESOME = Fluffleaf (OC)
Ya-I’m-blind-;-so-what-? = Jayfeather

The Links:
Second: [link]
Third: [link]
Fourth: [link]
Fifth: [link]
Sixth: [link]
Seventh: [link]

The Disclaimer: I don’t own anything except for Moonfeather, Colorstorm, Fluffleaf, and The Ashfur Song!
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